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Bone conduction stereo Bluetooth wireless music sleep headset

Price: $ 35.99
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  • GCD001


  • 【Bone Conduction Technology】This product adopts bone conduction technology, utilizes bone conduction vibration sound generator, and adaptive noise reduction technology. It can deliver clear music to the human ear without wearing it, and there is no need to worry about the sound affecting the family around you.

  • 【Protect Ears】When using this bone conduction music box, you only need to put it under the pillow to enjoy the music. There is no need to wear it on your ears. There will be no pain caused by wearing other earphones for a long time. Therefore, if you use this product for a long time, Will not cause burden and damage to your ears.

  • 【Healthy Sleep】This product is a sleep aid music box, specially tailored to relieve sleep. It can have a good effect for adults and babies to fall asleep. It can be used for both men and women. Whether it is a nap during the day or sleep at night, it can improve you The quality of sleep makes your sleep healthier.

  • 【Long Standby Time】This product has a built-in 400mAh battery, which can run continuously for up to 20 hours after being fully charged, and the longest standby time can reach 12 days, which can provide you with a more continuous and comfortable music experience. Automatically shut down in 30 minutes, enjoy music and sleep comfortably. Product size: 6.1*1.4*0.5 inches, product weight: 60g.(The product comes with a USB charging cable)

  • 【Easy to Use】This product uses a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which can be effectively connected within 10 meters, low power consumption, zero delay, and the sound is more stable and clear. Simple operation, convenient USB charging, long press to turn on, wait for Bluetooth pairing, you can play music after the connection is successful, and the product can automatically connect to the phone when it is used in the future.


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