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Shipping & Delivery

    Why didn't my shipment come in one package?

    We ship your orders from various international warehouses (China, US, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore). Our stock is spread out over multiple fulfiment centers in order for them to get to you faster. This means orders containing multiple items may be shipped individually. You may receive one item before the next. So don't panic if you don't receive all of your items at once. they are on the way.
  • Why is my shipment status unchanged?

    If you don't see movement in your shipment status after a certain period of time after receiving the tracking information, don't fret.
    This does not mean that there is no movement on your package. It simply means that your order is being shipped, and is on it's way to your destination country. Depending on the shipping method, there may be no additional opportunities for updates throughout the order's journey until the package lands at a port in the country it is being shipped to.
  • Why can't l track my order on your website?

    Please note that the tracking information will be displayed after 2-5 days after being updated.
    For the first time, it may take a few minutes to get the information from the carrier. Therefore, sometimes you can not find information about your package, please track again later.
    If after 5 days you're still having trouble tracking your package, please reach out to our team at, and we'll be happy to assist.
  • How can l track my order?

    We will update you the tracking information of your order to the same email that you filled out when placing your order.   This email will also guide you on how to track your package.   Please note that the tracking information will be displayed 2-5 days after receiving that email, so don't fret if you find your tracking information doesn't populate immediately upon getting your shipping confirmation email.   To manually track your order, please click here.
  • When will my tracking information appear?

    You should see tracking events within 24-48 hours after you have received the tracking number/ID. The reason for this time lag is that in most cases the first tracking event only shows up once the shipment was handed over to us, i.e. once the shipment has left the fufilment centre of your online shop.
  • How long will my order take to be delivered?

    Our shipping lines include Postal service, UPS, uSPS, Fedex and DHL.
    Ordey on aveage shoud expect a 5-25 woking day delverytrame. If it has been mo more than 3 weeks and you have not received your order yet, please do reach out to our team so we can look into this for you.
Payment Method

    My discount code didn't work! What gives?

    Please make sure that you mind your capitalization, our discount codes are case -sensitive.
    If you're still having troubles applying your discount, we routinely offer our customers a partial refund to make up for the difference that their failed discount code was supposed to generate. We're not robots here, please feel free to reach out to us if you're still having troubles at
  • Which currencies do you accept?

    our products are listed in US Dollar. But our system will automatically convert it for you, don't worry!
  • How can I pay for my order?

    We offer safe shopping and accept payment via Paypal, Credit card, Debit card or VISA. So you can choose the most suitable one for you. All products are listed in US Dollar, our system will automatically exchange your currency to make it easy for you when placing order.

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