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Eye Massager MKG22

Price: $ 49.99
min order: 1 max order: 1000
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  • MKG22WH/GY


[Window and two-level comfortable temperature] The eye massager is carefully designed with visual eyelets, allowing you to look around and provide you with more eye space. Adjust the elastic headband to fit teenagers and adults. 45 ° constant temperature hot compress makes your eyes more comfortable.

[3 customized massage modes] The functions of heating, pressing, vibration and music are ingeniously combined in different modes to personalize your eye massage. At the end of a long day, it can effectively fight dry eyes, eye edema and migraine. The built-in timer can turn off the massager after 10 minutes of continuous use, giving you more peace of mind. Note: If you have undergone eye surgery, retinal disease, cataract, glaucoma, etc., we do not recommend customers to use eye machines.

[Voice broadcast and Bluetooth connection] The built-in speaker and two pre recorded soothing music tracks can enhance eye relaxation, improve mood and promote better sleep quality. You can connect the eye heat massager to your smartphone through Bluetooth to play your own playlist. Switch music tracks and adjust volume freely

[Rechargeable and foldable massager] The massager can be charged via USB through mobile power, laptop, power adapter, etc. A full charge can last for 1 week and be used daily moderately. It can be folded 180 ° into a compact size for easy carrying.

[Best gift] Each MEEEGOU eye massager is packed in a beautiful box, which is a good gift. Use it for 10 minutes every day to surprise your friends and family and improve your eye health!



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