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MEEEGOU Electric Neck Massager with Heat, TENS Deep Tissue Massager for Pain Relief

Neck pain is a common problem, especially with age. The Meeegou pulse smart neck massager uses a local pulse design and heating function to effectively soothe your tired neck and helps with migraines. This also helps stimulate blood circulation, muscle stimulation and healing. You can also use this device on the shoulder as well.
Price: $ 36.99
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convenient professional neck massage: This smart neck massager simulates a real person massage to help relieve stiff muscles or tension in the neck, help relieve pain and fatigue, regulate blood circulation, and bring adequate oxygen supply to your brain.

6 modes 15 level intensity and hot press: there are 6 professional modes (cupping, knocking, scraping, shiatsu, acupuncture and moxibustion and relaxation), 15 level stimulation intensity. The easy-to-use neck stretch massager wirelessly adjusts massage mode, speed and heating with a remote control.

ergonomic design, wearing comfort: ergonomic design, its U shape can be flexible around the neck of the human body. Skin-friendly, breathable soft silicone material, no pressure on neck muscles or arteries, maintain wear comfort.

wireless control and large capacity battery: with wireless design and remote control, you can finally enjoy the massage comfortably and easily. The Smart Neck Massager weighs only 146 grams. You can carry it almost anywhere. The massager is equipped with a high capacity battery, which can be charged for 30 minutes to provide you with about 10 Physical therapy cycles.


Electrical pulse stimulation improves the blood circulation in your neck, reducing your muscle tension and improving your circulation. Use the low electrical frequency, much like acupuncture and electric shock for nerve stimulation. The local pulse and heating function helps relax your tired neck and helps with your migraine.



Q: Why do I feel the electric shots instead of vibration motion from using the device? Isn't it a viaration massager?

A: Unlike traditional massager that uses “vibration” and “hammer impact motion”, this equipment uses low electrical frequency for deep muscle relaxation. It is normal and no need to concern to feel electric shots.

Q: Why do I feel zapping sensation on my skin? Should I be concerned?

A: One of the 6 therapeutic modes from this device adopts Chinese ancient acupuncture treatment which may cause the zapping sensation. Electric shock is efficient for nerve stimulation, relief muscle strain and injury. You may also reduce discomfort by prep your skin/neck area properly.

Q: How do I prepare my skin/neck area to avoid discomfort?

A: Use a wet towel to clean the treated area. Also, make sure the electrodes are close in contact with your skin.

Please Note:

Please fully charge the device before initial use. Also, Some people may be more sensitive to certain pulsing modes than other. If you don't feel electric pulsing, try different mode and add intensity level gradually. Please read the product manual or consult doctor for questions using the device.

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5 Excellent experence!
By  Wil S.  On 2023-04-01
Saw on Pinterest a pin about this product, bought one, has been delivered faster than thought and it works great. Even my father who has cervical pain it helped to relieve his pain. Recommend store and product.
5 Does the job
By  Customer  On 2023-03-23
I really like this product. Its pulse is very strong enough for me.
5 Works perfectly!
By  Customer  On 2023-03-20
My wife loves it. The massager works amazingly well for musculoskeletal neck pain. Easy to use. Works perfectly both with electrical stimulation and heat.
5 Well worth the pennies on this one! So far.
By  Customer  On 2023-03-01
It is very easy to use, and the remote makes it super simple to try some of the different settings or adjust the heat. Press and hold the power button on the massager to turn it on, place on your neck, and you can do the rest adjusting with the remote. I've discovered one of the patterns of vibration I really like, and one I don't like at all. Today my neck is more mobile and pain-free then it has been in months. Well worth the pennies on this one! So far, anyway...

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