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MEEEGOU Eye Massager MKG16

Price: $ 49.99
Discount Price: $ 39.99
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  • MKG16


1. Stylish appearance with water ripple technology, 180-degree folding design, can be put in the pocket, can be used standing, sitting or lying down

2. Built-in music meditation guide to optimize sleep, Bluetooth music mobile phone docking network, you can play games and listen to movies

3. Multi-frequency vibration, massage acupuncture points, simulation techniques, relieve eye fatigue

4. Constant temperature hot compress, 42 degrees constant temperature hot compress, moistens the eyes, improves dry eyes/eye color/soreness/blurr

5. One-button control cycle 4 eye-catching modes, sleep mode (hot compress), vitality mode (vibration + music), color contact mode (hot compress + music), automatic mode (vibration + music + hot compress)


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About Meeegou

Meeegou was born in 2011 in Shenzhen, the capital of science and technology in China.

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