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MEEEGOU Facial Oxygen Injection Water Replenishment Mist device

Price: $ 39.99
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  • MC516

the new nozzle design adopts 100-160kpa high-pressure Nano Spray Technology to effectively inject oxygen and nutrients into the deep layer of the skin. The 0.3mm fine needle is decomposed into 4-250 micron molecules. Water can quickly penetrate into the deep layer of the skin. It not only effectively activates oxygen active factors, but also helps the skin absorb nutrients and maintain a natural, moist and radiant complexion.

it adopts a unique integrated design. The main body is made of Pearl White and rose gold, with a transparent diamond cap. The ins style is beautiful and fashionable! A 15ml small liquid bottle is set inside, and the cup mouth is wrapped with a thick natural silica gel rubber plug, which is closed without liquid leakage. Skin care products can be changed at any time, which is convenient for cleaning.

this product has 4 modes, low-grade ~60s\30s, high-grade ~60s\30s, which can be used together with toner and skin care spa essence. The gear can be changed according to your needs. It can be used for moisturizing care of face / limbs / body. After bathing, use this spray gun together with essence / toner to give the whole body a spa to help you keep your skin moist and comfortable.

with a small and portable body and 1000mah lithium battery, you can use it anywhere. It is the perfect travel companion! Just put it in your backpack or suitcase and you'll enjoy an exclusive spa in your office, vacation or home.

you can take care of your skin during working hours, going out for fun, sleeping at night, etc. The product is suitable for any group of people, whether white-collar workers with busy work, students with heavy studies, or men and women who like to maintain their skin. It is the best gift for family and friends.

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