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MEEEGOU Pulse Neck Massager with Heat, Intelligent EMS Neck Massager

Price: $ 29.99
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  • MKG31


4 Massage Modes: MEEEGOU smart neck massager has 4 built-in modes (automatic, hammering, kneading, acupuncture), and low-frequency micro-current pulses directly reach the body cells. This smart neck massager simulates a real person massage to help relieve stiff muscles or tension in the neck, help relieve pain and fatigue, regulate blood circulation, and bring adequate oxygen supply to your brain.

15 Massage Intensity & Wireless Control: 1~5 levels are used for daily massage, pursuing comfort; 6~10 levels are used to relieve fatigue, with moderate intensity; 11~15 levels are used to relieve soreness, with strong stimulation. You can choose the most suitable strength you need to reduce muscle pain or body tension

Infrared Constant Temperature Hot Compress & intelligent timing: 38º-42º infrared constant temperature massage, simulating real hand massage, relieve and relax neck muscle pain and fatigue, improve sleep quality, promote blood circulation, microcomputer precise control, 15 minutes automatic shutdown, avoid burns (turn off the heat button if it feels bad).

Comfortable to Wear: Ergonomically designed U-shaped design, and highly elastic and comfortable elastic arms, with 3D magnetic floating electrodes pad, which can automatically adapt to the size and curve of the neck. The massager is only 94 grams, no pressure on the neck, skin-friendly and breathable silicone material, wear-resistant and anti-wear.

Large Battery Capacity & Easy to Carry: UBS charging, one charge only takes 3 hours, and the hot compress mode can be used 8 times (15 minutes each time). The cordless design allows you to enjoy massage anytime and anywhere no matter at home, office or outdoors.






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Meeegou was born in 2011 in Shenzhen, the capital of science and technology in China.

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