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MeeeGou Beauty Pillow Neck Pain Memory Foam Pillow Ergonomics Orthopedic Neck Pain Pillow Hot Compress Pillow

Price: $ 48.9
Discount Price: $ 39.12
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Unique ergonomic design: Our neck pillow is carefully designed according to the most natural curve of the neck. This contour perfectly fits the angle of the head and neck to the cervical spine. Completely relax your muscles.

Neck and shoulder pain relief: The high-density memory foam pillow uses an innovative concave/head contour design to provide uniform support for the head and neck, which helps relieve neck and shoulder back pain and stiffness. Improve your sleep quality.

Environmentally friendly materials: 50D high-density odorless memory foam, which is as breathable as latex, rebounds in 5 seconds, and will not harden in winter. Graphene has a fast heating function. High quality memory foam can provide better air circulation and keep cool and dry. Give you a healthy and high-quality sleep!

FIRM&Standard size: Irregular pillow size: 60x 27x 9cm; Can meet the needs of most people; Perfect for full bed or king size beds, suitable for sleepers in all positions (side sleep, back sleep, and stomach).

Our neck pillow jacket is made of high-quality cotton, breathable and not stuffy. The inner pillow case is made of high-quality breathable mesh fabric, which can prevent dust and protect foam.

What do you need to focus on when choosing a beauty pillow manufacturer?

Material: quality beauty pillows are usually made of materials such as memory foam and latex, which are excellent for supporting the neck and head, as well as helping to improve sleep quality.
Size: Choosing the right size is also important, as pillows that are too big or too small can cause neck and shoulder discomfort.
After-sales service: quality manufacturers usually provide good after-sales service, including return and exchange policy, warranty period, and so on.
Design: Different beauty pillows are designed with different functions, such as some can help improve sleeping posture, some can reduce wrinkles, etc. You can pick them according to your needs when choosing.


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